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3 Months to Market

Investors are interested in customer growth and revenue growth. Our 3 month to market approach allows you to onboard customers early in your startup to drive revenue into the business.

We do the work

We slot in as your product development team. We help you understand the competitors in the market and come up with the design and build of your application. We uncover the features that matter.


We build pretty complex tools and we know everyday is a new day. Our agile approach to development allows our Business Owners to focus on what is most important for the business and control the product flow.

Our Services

Mobile App Development

Cross platform mobile app cevelopment for startups and mature businesses. Our mobile applications are fast, secure and scalable

Digital Transformation

In today’s era of evolution, there is no other way but to re-invent. The only sustainable advantage you can have over others is agility, that’s it. We create the digital strategy that creates agility through technology.

Smart Integration

Smart Integration is the refactoring, re-purposing or consolidation of legacy software programming to align it more closely with current business needs..

Perfect Design

Apps are now a mainstream, trusted way to deliver content and services. But in a crowded market, how does a mobile app become useful, relevant, and valued so it delights and retains users. User Experience is at the front seat of this.

SAAS Platforms

Software as a Service is the ultimate business model: profitable for companies, and extremely attractive for investors. Wether you building a new application or modernizing an old platform. We can lead the way.

Technical Due Diligence

In a typical review, Kakhulu evaluates the start-up’s software in detail, applying some automated tests that look for frequent sources of integration problems. The company doesn’t make a recommendation on whether or not to go ahead with the deal, but instead identifies architectural and organizational issues.

Some of our work

Your choices of cloud platforms



Wordpress Website

React Web App

React Native Mobile App

Python Machine Learning

Firebase for Database



Wordpress Website

React Web App

React Native/Xamarin Mobile App

AWS AI Stack

NoSQL and SQL Databases



Wordpress Website

React Web App

Xamarin Mobile App

Azure ML Studio

NoSQL and SQL Databases


Tech Stacks

Herokuapp for hosting

Ruby on rails for admin apps


Various JS stacks


"Kakhulu has been a GoTo app development company for my app development needs. It feels like they are a partner in my business and drive the products as if it was their own idea."

Andy Knobloch

Ceo Colorlib

"Kakhulu has taken over one of my funded efforts and turned the results around. Its been a pleasure and a would highly recommend their team."

Tomas Louda


"Kakhulu has done innovative development for my platform. They have taken my so to say old business models and transformed it into revenue driven SAAS models."


Business Owner

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Jack Arnold

Technology Lead

Juandre Swart

Mobile Lead

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